• 13.08.2014

    Leading Brands of „Latvijas Balzams” Acquire New Image on Global Markets

    Largest Baltic manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, JSC Latvijas Balzams, has developed marketing communication platforms for its leading brands and websites specifically for export market For the very first time, a Latvian producer with a history of more than 100 years positions some of its brands on various world markets differently and individually.  

  • 11.07.2014

    Launching new vodka - Amber Gold, filtred through Amber

    „Latvijas balzams” has launcehd new vodka -  AMBER GOLD, bassed on innovative fitlratation through Baltic amber. 

  • 10.07.2014

    New sparkling in Riga series - Prestige Cuvée

    The RIGA brand of sparkling wines, represented by the traditional “Riga Sparkling Wine” and the attractive “ Riga Diva” has been expanded with the new sparkling wine Prestige Cuvée.

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