• 25.09.2014

    "Rīgas Sparkling Wine" among favourite local brands

    This year`s "Favourite Brand"  top has been announced and 3rd place in category of alcoholic beverages in Latvia goes to "Rīgas Sparkling Wine"!

  • 17.09.2014

    Production of special Vodka, dedicated to “Queen’s” single “Killer Queen”, starts in Latvia

    Largest Baltic producer of alcoholic beverages JSC “Latvijas balzams’’ (LB) on special order has started making spirits dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the legendary British rock group “Queen’s” single “Killer Queen”, named after the famous single. 

  • 08.09.2014

    Amber Gold™ vodka un Cosmopolitan Diva won Gold!

    Latest from LB vodkas - filtered through amber Amber Gold ™ - has received a Gold medal in CWSA 2014 (China Wine & Spirits Awards) in the vodka category.

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