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„Riga Black Balsam” export sales increased by 14% last year

The total growth of the “Riga Black Balsam” product sales volumes on the domestic and export markets last year was 13% or 879 thousand Euros (compared to year 2012) and reached 7.4 million Euros, informs JSC “Latvijas Balzams”.

The growth achieved on the domestic market is 13%, whereas the increase of the export sales against year 2012 is even 14%.

“Riga Black Balsam” and the products of this group produced by “Latvijas Balzams” were the brand with the highest sales on the direct export markets of the company in year 2013. The sales volume, expressed in the prices fixed by the manufacturer, has exceeded 2.3 million Euros.

The brands with the highest sales volumes on the export markets also include the “Grand Cavalier” brandy , which is the leader on the Lithuanian market in its category, as well as the recently created “Riga Black Vodka”.

Like in 2012, the most rapid sales volume growth (by 28%) in the Balsam product group was that of “Riga Black Balsam Currant”.
According to the data of JSC “Latvijas Balzams”, the domestic sales volume of this beverage has increased by 23%, whereas, on the export markets, the sales results of the so-called “Blackcurrant Balsam” have increased by 50%.

“Although the domestic market is still very significant for “Riga Black Balsam”, our ambitions are broader. The global market offers still little employed opportunities for increasing the sales volumes several times. Particular emphasis during year 2013 was on the leading markets in the region - Ukraine, Russia, as well as Riga and other airport duty-free zones. In year 2014, we expect considerable growths also on the world’s leading markets, such as United Kingdom, USA, China, which will mean new and wider clientele for us,” says Commercial Director Valters Kaže.

In Ukraine, which is one of the largest Balsam markets, the sales volume of this beverage increased by 38% last year, and the brand was among the official sponsors of the leading bartender competition. We have managed to double the sales volumes in Kaliningrad Region (Russia) alone. A very considerable growth (by 21% against year 2012) has been achieved in the duty free zone of Riga Airport. Special types of packaging and sets of the beverage were created for this specific market.

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