16.12.2013 all news

Dannoff wins Gold at the Vodka Masters 2013

Private label  "Dannoff  Vodka" produced by "Latvijas balzams" has received three gold medals at the Vodka Masters this year. 

Once again "Dannoff Vodka" has added to its stack of awards after receiving the gold in three categories at the Vodka Masters this year. In addition to the Eastern Europe and Premium awards, this year we were also fortunate enough to win gold in the Smooth category.

"Dannoff Vodka" has been a consistent winner in the Vodka Masters Awards since first entering in 2008, and has achieved a total of ten gold awards across three categories.

The Vodka Masters are held each year as part of the Spirits Masters competitions, organised by the Spirits Business magazine. Independent judges take part in blind tasting and assess all spirits on their own merits according to the category that they have been entered in, ensuring that all results are fair and impartial.

"Dannoff Vodka" has been produceed by  "Latvijas balzams" since 2008 and is available in UK and Germany.

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