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On the eve of the New Year children will be pleased with “Quick Fox”

Two years ago we started production of non-alcoholic sparkling drink called “Rīgas bezalkoholiskais dzirkstošais dzēriens” considering the individuals who are forbidden from drinking alcohol during the celebration days due to professional duties or who simply do not drink any alcohol choosing a good quality non-alcoholic sparkling drink instead.

This year children have been considered during the pre-celebration period – “Quick Fox” is a new non-alcoholic drink created by the masters of “Latvijas balzams”. This is the first non-alcoholic drink created right for kids within the company.  Children of the employees of “Latvijas balzams” as well as their friends aged from six to twelve have taken active participation in the creation process of the drink.

“We managed to create “Quick Fox” colourful and bright both in terms of taste and look, and we have to thank for that also to our focus group or co-authors – children, whose opinion played very significant role during creation of this drink. We had a unique chance to ascertain the factors significant for kids in practice – once there is an attractive colour, the second and most significant factor is taste to the liking of the little consumer,” explains commercial director of “Latvijas balzams” Valters Kaže.

“The good news for the parents will definitely be that this drink has been produced on basis of natural apple, peach and cherry juice and contains no artificial pigments, and this is crucial, when creating products for children,” stresses the representative of “Latvijas balzams”, adding that “we perceived growth potential for the drink not only in Latvia, but also abroad. This was the determining factor for the English title of the drink; furthermore, it is interesting that this title seemed to be attractive also to the little consumers.”

The central character of the “Quick Fox” label is a friendly fox in a colorful garden. Visual look was significantly affected by surveys of the small consumers. Within those surveys children aged from 6-12 years assessed several design versions created by the well-known Latvian artist Agnese Kurzemniece.

Sparkling non-alcoholic drink “Quick Fox” will be offered with two taste combinations – apple-vanilla and peach-cherry. Volume – 0.75l.

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