• 19.08.2013

    “Latvijas balzams” starts cooperation with the leader of the Russian alcohol market

    АО “Latvijas balzams” подписало договор сотрудничестве и праве  распространение своей продукции с  ведущей отраслевой компанией России -  “Синергия Импорт” , предприятию, входящему в Группу компаний “Синергия”.

  • 01.08.2013

    No impact of LGBT issue on the production of Stolichnaya®”.

    Commenting on the news published by several mass media about the fact asking if production at “Latvijas balzams”, JSC might be influenced by the call of American LGBT organisations to boycott Russian goods, including, misleadingly, the premium vodka brand Stolichnaya®,  “Latvijas balzams”confirmed that at the moment there is no reason to expect a decline in the production volume of Stolichnaya® at the company.

  • 26.07.2013

    LB premier brands win Silver and Bronze at IWSC 2013

    Four "Latvijas balzams"  products recieve Silver and Bronze medals at IWSC 2013 in London.

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