• 22.11.2013

    "Latvijas balzams" starts the production large scale order for UK market

    JSC „Latvijas balzams”has commenced a production of „Tavern House” dry cider private label for United Kingdom market.

  • 14.11.2013

    "Riga Black Vodka" wins award for the Best packing

    „Rīga Black Vodka” has won another gold medal - this time for the "Best Bevarage Packaging of the Year in Latvia". 

  • 06.11.2013

    Production of new beverage in “Rīgas Dīva” product line launched

    Production of fourth beverage in “Rīgas Dīva” product line -“Rīgas Dīva Strawberry Chocolate Limited Edition”  was launched this week. 

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