• 08.08.2012

    Riga Black Balsam celebrates its' 260th Anniversary

    "Riga Black Balsam" celebrated its' 260th Anniversary with the Riga Libre Coctail and party cake that was presented during the Coctails' Festival at "Konventa Seta" on August 3, 2012.

     Singer Aija Andrejeva dedicated a special Happy Birthday song to this very famous drink produced by "Latvijas balzams".


  • 02.08.2012

    AS Latvijas balzams launches production and export of a new cider

    Latvijas balzams has launched production and export of a new cider called Apple Garden.  The unique dry cider recipe created by Latvijas balzams is based on 100% apple juice. Estonia is planned to be the main market of the new cider; the export has been already begun. It is planned to sell over 30,000 bottles of the cider Apple Garden in Estonia by the end of the current year. As a perspective, exporting the cider to other European countries as well is also planned.

  • 31.07.2012

    Employees of Latvijas balzams enjoy sports and rest together

    It’s been the fifth year since the employees of Latvijas balzams, Ltd. with their families have come together to do sports and relax. This year, the sporting event took place in Ādaži region in Leiputrija.

    The participants were challenged to take part in different team and individual disciplines, such as: volleyball, shooting, a rope pulling water race, slow walking, rope unknotting.

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