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This year "Latvijas balzams" has introduced eighteen new products

JSC Latvijas balzams informed that the company had started to produce eighteen new products this year, bringing forward the development of competitive products as the main priority this year. The company has invested 310 thousand lats (LVL) this year into the development of production and the product portfolio.

Riga Black® Vodka, the eighteenth beverage created by the masters of JSC Latvijas balzams, the production of which was launched at the end of this year, is considered by the company to be one of the most successful new products of this year.

Guntis Aboltins-Abolins (Guntis Āboltiņš-Āboliņš), Director General and Chairman of the Board of JSC Latvijas balzams, when evaluating the achievements of the company this year, said:

“In spite of the growing competition in the sphere of legal alcoholic beverages, and still the essential influence of the black economy, the non-audited results of the nine-month activity of the company give reasons to speak about successful activity throughout the year in general. The focus of AS Latvijas balsams this year has been targeted at the creation of new and competitive products that are requested on the market in various sectors of beverages, as well as the optimisation of  production costs and the in-troduction of innovations to production.”

Guntis Aboltins-Abolins, the company’s chief executive, considers the persistence of the permanently high quality of products to be one of the main challenges for  Latvian producers next year, due to the growing costs of raw materials and resources. At the same time, he emphasized that Latvian producers and exporters next year expect a real aggregate of measures on the national policy level that would ensure the application of the priorities set out in the National Development Plan.

The direct export of JSC Latvijas balsams in 2012 was focused on the fundamental re-search and development of the current export market. The main direct export routes were the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Scandinavia. At the same time, the devel-opment of new markets such as Croatia and Georgia was also very active. Next year the focus will be targeted at the qualitative development and consolidation on priority export markets.

Riga Black® Vodka, the production of which was launched at the end of this year, is considered by the company to be one of the most successful new products of the year.

Riga Black® Vodka launched the newly created excellent quality mark ‘The House of Riga Black Balsam’, symbolising the experience of the Riga Black Balsam masters in the creation of beverages. The high quality of vodka and its pure taste is provided by seven-level filtration, also including unique filtration technology with activated carbon enriched with silver ions. This technology is used in the production of vodka at AS Latvijas balzams for the first time.

Valters Kaze (Valters Kaže), the Brand Director of JSC Latvijas balzams, com-mented on the outlook for this product as follows: “Riga Black® Vodka is high pu-rity national vodka which, in our opinion, will be a successful competitor in its sector. We also have every reason to say that this product will make a significant contribution to the export portfolio of AS Latvijas balzams, as our partners in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain and other countries have expressed their interest about the new brand of vodka.”

Riga Black® Vodka will be available in Latvian trade networks from next year and will be produced in three volumes: 0.35 litres; 0.5 litres and 0.7 litres.




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