01.11.2010 all news

The change of JSC Latvijas balzams wholesaler name

One of the largest alcoholic beverages wholesale companies in Latvia and the distributor of AS "Latvijas balzams" products - SIA "AV & D" has changed its name (firm), and further it will operate as SIA „SPI Distribution (Latvia)”. At the same time the process of reorganization of "SPI Group" wholesale companies has been finished, which resulted that the following alcoholic beverage wholesale companies were adjoined to SIA "SPI Distribution (Latvia)": SIA "Interlat" (subsidiary), SIA "L.D.V. ", SIA "S.D.V. ", SIA "Mono M", and SIA "S.Alko".

As it was announced before, in 2009 with previously received approval from the Competition Council of Latvia, the following companies had been acquired: SIA "L.D.V.", SIA "S.D.V.", SIA "Mono M" and SIA "S.Alko" in accordance with "SPI Group" growth strategy, which is aimed to broaden beverage portfolio offered by group companies, and strengthen its distribution network in the Baltics.  Both AS "Latvijas balzams" and SIA „SPI Distribution (Latvia) are the part of the holding company "SPI Group".  "SPI Regional Business Unit B.V." is the shareholder of 89.53% AS "Latvijas balzams" shares, as well as the owner of 100% shares of SIA "SPV Distributor", which is a parent company of SIA "SPI Distribution (Latvia)".

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